Kissimmee police raise awareness for pedestrian safety

Drivers who don't stop at crosswalks receive $166 ticket

KISSIMMEE, Fla. – Dozens of drivers were ticketed in Kissimmee Wednesday as part of Operation Best Foot Forward.

For the first time, Kissimmee police participated in the effort to get drivers to stop for pedestrians crossing the street. Normally, Orange County officers take part. Undercover officers set up at marked crosswalks and attempted to walk from one side to the other. Drivers who didn't stop got a $166 ticket and a possible three points on their license, police said.

Driver Richard Gordon said he was against the effort.

“You're a pedestrian, I'm not just going to walk out and the car is right there," Gordon said. "The first time a pedestrian gets hit, I think it's their fault."

Stacie Miller, public information officer for Kissimmee police, said officers were specifically trained to give cars at least 230 feet and time to react to the pedestrian.

“This isn't new, we've been out here, we've been educating our drivers, letting them know that we're going to start an enforcement phase. Enforcement starts today,” Miller said.

There were four pedestrian fatalities in Kissimmee last year.