Police arrest man accused of beating older man at Semoran shopping center

Conrado Zelaya Yanez, 26, charged with felony battery, Orlando police say

Conrado Zelaya Yanez, 26, after his arrest, left, and a photo taken by a witness of the April 16 attack on Semoran Blvd, right.
Conrado Zelaya Yanez, 26, after his arrest, left, and a photo taken by a witness of the April 16 attack on Semoran Blvd, right.

ORLANDO, Fla. – Orlando police are thanking “astute witnesses” for their help in the arrest of a 26-year-old man accused of punching a man unconscious in a Semoran Boulevard shopping center parking lot earlier this week.

Conrado Zelaya Yanez is charged with felony battery, Orlando police said in a tweet.

Orlando police went to the parking lot on Semoran Blvd. at the Lake Fredrica Shopping Center on Monday to investigate a report of a battery incident. When police arrived at the shopping center, they found the victim, a man in his 60s, lying on the ground, bleeding and disoriented.

The victim has no memory of the attack, because he has a concussion, police said. When officers arrived, he didn't know where he was or what happened. He suffered a swollen eye, bruising and developed a blood clot because of being punched in the head, according to the arrest report.

Witnesses told News 6 the victim was knocked down in an unprovoked attack by a man in his 20s. They said the attacker stood in front of the victim's car and blocked him from driving away.

Witnesses said at some point the man punched the victim in the temple and knocked him to the ground. Video of the incident shared with News 6 shows women running to stop the attacker and the victim lying facedown on the ground, unconscious.

Yanez was arrested Thursday with the help of witnesses who took down information about the vehicle before Yanez drove away and got a clear picture of him.

“Thanks to astute witnesses who managed to get photos of the suspect, OPD was able to secure an arrest warrant,” the Orlando police tweet read.

Yanez posted bail from Orange County Jail Thursday night. He has previous criminal history with Orlando police from 2016.

The victim's wife told News 6 that she was taking the man to a doctor's appointment Friday because he wasn't feeling well, but said she was thrilled to learn that Yanez was arrested.

"Thank God they (caught) them," she said.

She said her husband has been dizzy and dealing with vision problems, but that they're more concerned about long-term health issues he may face as a result of the attack. They plan to have a CAT scan done to check for other issues.

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