Facebook 'rolling out' new privacy controls

Data breach of 87 million accounts prompts information blitz

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ORLANDO, Fla. – The Facebook data leak of 87 million accounts, considered the largest in the company’s history, has prompted an upgrade  of  privacy options ranging from a 30-day break from people and pages called “Snooze” to a whole range of privacy controls.

Michelle Mandara, part of the Facebook communications team, told News 6 the breach by Cambridge Analytica prompted the social media giant to hit the satellite interview circuit assure customers across the country that privacy is the company’s No. 1 priority.

“We’re talking about control,” Mandara said during a satellite interview Thursday. “How you control what you see and what you share.”

The new Facebook updates, expected to hit the social media site in a few weeks, will build on the Snooze option that was introduced late last year.

Mandara said Snooze allows users to “take a break" from people or pages for a full 30 days. 

For those looking for Facebook privacy, go to settings and click privacy shortcuts.

According to Mandara, it will give you an “overview” of the control options you have in terms of what material you want to share including photos, posts, even the email and phone number you used to sign up for your Facebook account.

The latest option, a new privacy check-up, will be introduced in a few weeks.

Mandara said it is a three-step process that allows customers to check their privacy settings. Facebook will also provide a control to weed out what you no longer need or want, that option will be placed at the top of your account's newsfeed.

Mandara said this will allow you to do some spring cleaning of the apps you have connected to Facebook and get rid of the apps you don’t need want anymore.

According to Mandara, Facebook will also delete any apps that a customer has not used in 30 days.
As for those ads that suddenly appear on your Facebook account, you will have the ads preferences option.

That will allow you to remove or block advertising you do not want to see .

For more information, go to www.facebook.com/help‎.

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