Orange County deputies expanding crackdown on illegal street racing

Exclusive News 6 video prompts immediate weeknight street sweeps

ORANGE COUNTY, Fla. – Starting Wednesday night, Orange County Sheriff’s Office deputies will launch a new expanded offensive to arrest illegal street racers following emergence of new video provided by News 6.

The video, shared with Capt. Bruce McMullen on Monday, provides clear evidence of predawn racing
on weeknights, a shift from the weekend races that have already seen 250 arrests by the sheriff’s office since March 10.

“We’re going to go after them just as aggressively as we do on the weekends,” McMullen said. “They group up for this illegal activity, we’re going to be there.”

McMullen’s teams have seen a dramatic decrease of organized races since deputies unveiled the weekend racing crackdowns last month.

McMullen expects teams of 20 to 30 deputies to continue weekend street sweeps at least for the next 18 months.

“The streets became clearer much earlier than normal last Saturday night," McMullen said.

The new video, taken by a News 6 viewer who asked to remain anonymous, was filmed about 12:45 a.m. on a Wednesday.

Deputies said that could be an indication the weekend arrests are forcing illegal racers to change their patterns to avoid law enforcement.

The latest racing location is near Sand Lake Road, not far from the Orlando Central Park.

Dozens of people can be seen gathering to watch the late-night racing that involved at least six vehicles and a dozen races.  

“They picked a spot that was out of the way but still poses a public threat,” McMullen said. 

McMullen said he wasn’t surprised by the weeknight racing location, because it was a spot used by illegal racers years ago.

He said more video from residents makes the job for his deputies easier and he hopes to continue the video intelligence exchange.

“The information provided by you all (News 6) is imperative to keep us up on our intelligence," he said.  

McMullen said the sheriff’s legal team is developing language for a new ordinance that will hold car owners accountable.

McMullen is hoping the ordinance will be ready for a vote by county commissioners very soon.

If you spot illegal racers in the act, call the OCSO non-emergency line at: 407-836-4357.

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