Teens accused of vandalizing Volusia middle school

Students might be expelled, officials say

DELTONA, Fla. – Two teenagers are in trouble after breaking into Heritage Middle School on Sunday and vandalizing the property, according to the Volusia County Sheriff's Office.

Deputies said a current student and a former student, who now attends an alternative school, jumped the fence and entered through the girls' locker room.

Once inside, the school district said the duo used a fire extinguisher and sprayed the room, leaving a mess behind.

The district also said the boys flipped some breakers that turned off power to the freezer and spoiled cafeteria food. Parents picking up their children from school Monday said the teens need to be held accountable.

"You can't just slap them on the wrist. There's got to be something that is bothering them," said Lisa Morales, parent.

Morales believes if the teens were involved in extra curricular activities, the vandalism wouldn't have happened.

"If they would open up more facilities around here, something for the kids to do, that are maintained with security, whether it would be baseball, football or something the parents can afford, maybe the kids wouldn't have so much time on their hands to get in trouble," Morales said.

The school district said the teens also damaged a computer and caused $1,200 worth of damage.

The mess has since been cleaned up and repairs were made. The two students will be suspended and possibly expelled depending on the outcome of a committee hearing.

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