These 3 things are necessary before clearing your car from a crash site

Trooper Steve answers News 6 viewer questions

ORLANDO, Fla. – News 6 Traffic Safety Expert Steve Montiero answers viewer questions every week in an effort to help everyone understand the rules of the roads.

Andrew, of Waterford Lakes, asked, "After a crash, are there rules to clearing the road?"

Montiero said a lot of Florida drivers have the feeling that they are required to leave their car where it comes to rest after a crash, even if it is in the middle of the road

"Most Florida highways are limited access roadways and tend to be really busy and leaving your car in the middle of the road not only creates a stressful situation for you, but for every other driver behind you," Montiero said. "Law enforcement across the state will tell you:

  • If your car is drivable,
  • You are in good health,
  • And It is safe to do so

you should do everything you can to remove all cars from the roadway."

Montiero said moving the vehicles can help consolidate all the parties involved and prevent a secondary crash from happening.

"During my years with the Highway Patrol, I responded to thousands of crashes in which both cars would be in the middle of a busy intersection, both drivable and in a scary situation," he said. "Don't be that driver. Stay focused and make safe decisions."

Montiero said if there's doubt about moving the cars, ask authorities when notifying them about the crash.

"Remember, traffic is something we should never take for granted," he said. "There is a constant danger lingering while on the roads and we should do everything to prepare or eliminate these threats."

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