Heavy rain turns water red near Minutemen Causeway in Cocoa Beach

Bloom is unnatural occurrence

Image courtesy of Florida Today.
Image courtesy of Florida Today.

COCOA BEACH, Fla. – Cocoa Beach utility workers say the thick, brick-red water spotted along Minutemen Causeway is the result of a red algae bloom caused by recent heavy rains. By Wednesday afternoon, the color was already dissipating. 

The reddish water began turning up two days ago along the causeway, say city officials. Residents began noticing the color change shortly after the rains that passed through the area two days ago. 

“We are aware of it we have inspected it and we have contacted the county to see what they believe is the problem. They have already told us that it is red algae bloom and it’s in an isolated area,” said Melissa Byron, the marketing director for Cocoa Beach.

So far the riverside city’s public utilities, stormwater and water reclamation crews have been out to inspect the site. The algae bloom is a natural -- although unwanted -- occurrence. The algae does deplete oxygen in the water, potentially suffocating fish. Some residents say they spotted a small fish kill in the area of the bloom. The area affected receives very little flow, city officials said.