New policy to help deal with unexplained high water bills in Titusville

Some residents' water bills tripled in cost


TITUSVILLE, Fla. – Titusville City Council has developed a new policy that will help customers with unexplained water bills.

The unanimous vote to implement an adjustment procedure in a City Council meeting Tuesday night was a moment of relief for both community members and City Council.

Residents complained for months before the new policy was put in place, some showing up with water bills that had tripled in cost.

Now, the new policy will allow people to appeal. The residents will be able to call a plumber and show there is no leak at their home.

Then, they can go to City Hall and show the bill. Ultimately, the city will look at the consumption at the home and adjust the bill.

"I just want to take (a) moment and express how far and how many people have been working for years to get here right now," said Vice Mayor Matt Barringer.

The new policy is expected to be implemented very soon.