Seminole County to consider privatizing libraries

Leaders plan to meet with county commissioners to gauge interest


SEMINOLE COUNTY, Fla. – Seminole County leaders said there are no plans to close any library branches in the county, but they're searching for ways to outsource services, while maintaining effective service.

County leaders will meet with the board of county commissioners soon to gauge their interest in possibly outsourcing library services. There are six libraries in Seminole County.

County officials told News 6 it boils down to finding ways in the budget to cut costs, but some residents are shaking their heads about the idea.

"I just think it’s a bad idea, a totally bad idea," said librarygoer Christina Stevens. "They can say it all they want, but private companies, they’ve got to make a buck and they’ll cut corners every which way they can."

The county told News 6 any proposals must be equal or better service for librarygoers and at a reduced cost for the county. Right now, it’s not clear how many proposals, if any, the county has received. 

"Where are our tax dollars going? That’s my opinion. I don’t see that it would actually be saving money," said librarygoer Jean Wright. 

News 6 is working to find out when that meeting with the county commissioners will take place. While some residents told us off camera they agree with outsourcing library services, others aren’t so happy about the idea of a private company coming and taking over. 

"They have to watch the bottom line," Stevens said.

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