Woman hospitalized after automobile crash in Marion County

Woman wasn't wearing seat belt during crash


MARION COUNTY, Fla. - – A woman was taken to Ocala Regional Medical Center with critical injuries following a crash in Marion County.

A gray Ford F-150 was traveling east on Emerald Road heading toward the intersection of Oak and Emerald roads when it ran a stop sign. 

That caused the F-150 to collide into the right passenger side of a white Chrysler Voyager that was traveling south on Oak Road.

Once the Voyager was struck, the vehicle then overturned and collided into the front section of a red Ford Escape that was traveling north on Oak Road.

The driver of the Voyager was not wearing her seat belt and was partially ejected from the vehicle. She sustained critical injuries during the crash and was transported to the Ocala Regional Medical Center for medical treatment.

This investigation is ongoing.