Daytona airport bomb threat suspect's mother calls situation 'heart-wrenching'

Mother says he's struggled with drug addiction in the past

DAYTONA BEACH, Fla. – The mother of a man accused of making a bomb threat while naked at the Daytona Beach International Airport said she’s trying her best to help him.

John Greenwood had his first appearance at the Daytona Beach Branch Jail Saturday morning. The Volusia County Sheriff’s Office arrested him on charges of burglary, false bomb report, criminal mischief, resisting arrest without violence, exposure of sexual organs and unlawful possession of personal identification of another person.

Judge Jim Clayton said while there is probable cause for Greenwood’s arrest, no formal charges have been filed.

Greenwood’s mother Donna spoke in court.

“I’d just like to get help for my son,” she said.

Clayton set Greenwood’s bond at a total of $32,000. However, Clayton granted a motion to revoke Greenwood’s bond on an old case, also drug-related, keeping him in jail. The pretrial hearing for that case is Tuesday, May 15.

“We’re going to keep you secure for your own safety, quite frankly,” Clayton said to Greenwood.

Greenwood began to cry as he was led out of the courtroom. The last thing he did before leaving was turn to his mother to tell her he loved her. 

His mother said it was "heart-wrenching" to see her son in court.

"I hate to see my son like that,” she said.

His mother described Greenwood as a person trying to overcome an addiction. She said he’s been to drug rehabilitation multiple times.

She hopes jail may be more effective.

“I approve of [Greenwood being in jail] right now to keep him safe and to get him detoxing from the drugs,” she said.

Greenwood’s mother said her family has seen many problems in the past year, including Greenwood’s father having a stroke a year ago and Greenwood’s sister leaving home because she “couldn’t take all the stress anymore.”

She thinks this, and issues with Greenwood’s own daughter, are why her son acted out.

“I believe it’s because he’s just worried about losing his daughter, because during the hurricane, his wife took his daughter away from him,” Greenwood’s mother said.

While she does not know his exact diagnosis, Greenwood’s mother said he does take psychiatrist-prescribed medication for his mental health. She said that in the past he’s alerted authorities about his drug problems of his own volition.

She said he cannot keep his sobriety on his own and Friday's incident reflected just how much help he needs. 

“He had made a mistake and the drugs made him do something – he was out of his mind,” Greenwood’s mother said. “My whole family is concerned for him and his well-being. That’s all we care about.”