Man impersonated police, tried to run motorcycle off Minneola road, deputies say

18-year-old motorcyclist recalls Thursday incident


MINNEOLA, Fla. – A man was arrested after trying to run a motorcycle off U.S. Highway 27 in Minneola, deputies said Friday.

Cameron Clark, 18, was on a motorcycle, headed to work Thursday when he turned onto Highway 27, making his way around a truck driving in front of him, he said.

"(The driver) was going really slow, so I went around him," Clark said. "And then he comes up in front of me and wedges me between the median."

That's when Roger Jimenez, who was behind the wheel of the truck, started aggressively tailing Clark, finally sideswiping him and forcing him to pull over, Clark recalled.

"I get off the bike and he shows me this little plastic badge saying he was a cop," Clark said.

Clark told deputies that Jimenez then grabbed him by the arm, tried to put it behind his back and ripped off the license plate on the motorcycle.

Holly Huston saw the incident unfold as she rode her motorcycle behind the two vehicles and snapped pictures of the truck to take down a license plate number.

"It was really scary that someone was making such an attempt to get this motorcyclist off the road," Huston said. "I immediately made a U-turn to make sure the guy on the bike was OK."

With Huston's pictures, deputies tracked down Jimenez and arrested him.

After Jimenez posted bond and left jail, News 6 went to his home to ask him for his side of the story. He denied the allegations.

According to a report, Jimenez told deputies that he showed a toy badge. He said the motorcyclist was driving recklessly and he stopped to tell him he was going to call the police.

Jimenez is being charged with impersonating an officer, burglary with battery and theft.