Justin Timberlake gives shout out to woman, 88, surprised with tickets

Bette Maloney went viral after finding concert tickets in Easter egg


ORLANDO, Fla. – Justin Timberlake paused his Orlando concert Monday night to give a shout out to an 88-year-old superfan who went viral when her granddaughter surprised her with tickets to JT's show.

In March, Bette Maloney was filmed completely astonished when she pulled tickets to Timberlake's Man of the Woods tour show at the Amway Center out of an orange, plastic Easter egg. 

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Maloney said she listens to Timberlake's music nonstop and she knew she wanted to go when she found out he'd be in town, but her family thought it wasn't safe for her to go alone so instead they surprised her with a set of tickets so she could attend the show with her daughter and two granddaughters.

"Justin Timberlake, oh my God. I've been trying to figure out how to save money to go," Maloney says, nearly in tears.

That video from Easter Day went viral and even caught the attention of the singer-songwriter, who invited her backstage before his Orlando show.

Pictures on Maloney's granddaughter Sarah Watson's Instagram show the grandmother beaming as she looks up adoringly at the "Man of the Woods" artist.

When the time for the show came, Maloney and her family were front and center, which was helpful for Timberlake when he took a break between songs to give her special recognition.

"I want to give a special shout out. There was a pretty little lady who ended up on the news here, by the name of Nammie and she is 88 years old and I met her earlier tonight, where is she?" Timberlake said.

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The superstar circled the stage as he tried to spot Maloney in the crowd of concertgoers. Within seconds, he noticed her.

"There she is. I love you," Timberlake shouted in Maloney's direction.

Watson returned the favor with her own social media shout out, thanking Timberlake for a night her grandma will always remember.

"Thank you @justintimberlake for being so sweet and kind to our dear Nammie. You have set the bar impossibly high to ever top this Mother’s Day ... BEST NIGHT EVER," Watson wrote.

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