Get ready for bogus health insurance deals, robocall index warns

'Pre-approved' offers latest robocall schemes in Central Florida

ORLANDO, Fla. – Robocalls that offer “too good to be true” health insurance deals have emerged in Central Florida and across the U.S. as the newest scheme to steal consumers' information, according to the latest YouMail Robocall Index.

The health insurance con “falsely offers pre-approved health insurance rates," YouMail CEO Alex Quilici said.

Quilici’s staff has tracked variations of recorded messages that offer a list of “health insurance innovations” from the company’s customer base.

“We do accept pre-existing conditions” one recording promised, while another listed pre-approvals from name-brand insurance companies including Aetna, United, Blue Cross, Signa and more.

Unwanted robocalls broke a national record in April with 3.36 billion messages, a 6.5 percent increase from March.

Quilici said that breaks down to roughly 1,297 robocalls placed every second of the month nationwide. 

Mixed into that avalanche of calls is the approved health insurance scheme, which Quilici has deemed the “rising scam.”

“Almost all of the scams are the same,” Quilici said. “It’s about getting your identity or getting access to your credit cards and bank accounts.”

Qulici said consumers duped into calling back usually connect with people who really believe they work for a legitimate company.

“We have evidence that people in these call centers have no idea it’s a scam," Quilici said. “They believe they are doing something for a health insurance company or the government or the IRS.”

YouMail offers robocall blocking technology at no charge for iOS, Android and landline users. Consumers can plug their area code into the YouMail Robocall Index to see which scams are targeting their area.

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