Politicians talk rebuilding, growth after Hurricane Maria at Puerto Rican Summit

Governor of Puerto Rico unveils new initiative for island's growth

ORLANDO, Fla. – Puerto Rico Gov. Ricardo Rossello made his way to Central Florida on Friday. 

He was joined by local business, city and county leaders for the Puerto Rican Summit. 

Four months shy of the one-year mark from when Hurricane Maria made landfall on the island, Rossello said now is the time to continue the momentum of rebuilding Puerto Rico. 

"That opportunity is within our hands. That goal is within out reach. We can do it. I just need to know if you're with me," Rossello said. 

Rossello shared his visions for the island -- getting people back to a safe living environment and promoting growth. 

"I see a Puerto Rico that is a platform for innovation. That is why we are embarking on a project that's called Puerto Rico  -- The Blank Canvas," Rossello said. 
That project is aimed at providing incentives for people who may want to start a business of their own on the island. 

The proposal comes even though parts of the island are still very intermittent with electricity. 

Florida Democratic Sen. Bill Nelson was also in attendance. He noted his push for continued help. 

"We live in interesting times, and sometimes it's exhausting. But we should never accept incompetence and gross negligence as the new normal," Nelson said.

Yesterday, he filed the Disaster Housing Assistance Act. The act would create a long-tern plan for evacuees when it comes to affordable housing. 

Friday morning, Florida Gov. Rick Scott also weighed in on Puerto Rico's future. 

"I am going to do everything I can to continue to help the people of Puerto Rico, our fellow Americans," Scott said. 

This comes as the two are both vying for a Senate seat. 

"This should never be politics. This should all be about helping fellow Americans and that is how I thought about this," Scott said.