Apopka burglary victims voice concern after suspect bonds out hours after arrest

APOPKA, Fla. – Residents in Apopka and other areas of Orange County are on high alert after a number of recent break-ins happened over the past few weeks.

One woman, who wished to remain anonymous, was the victim of a burglary on May 31.

The victim said she and her two daughters were asleep when a person broke into their home and stole purses, a television and a 24-pack of bottled water. 

"It's a miracle that we did not wake up that night because everyone feels that, had one of us-- especially because I am kind of vocal, I'm momma bear-- I probably would have gotten us killed and startled them," she said. 

She filed a report with the Apopka Police Department. 

Every few days, she said, she speaks with a detective about her case. The detective told her authorities believe the person isn't acting alone and may be armed. 

Officials with the Orange County Sheriff's Office said Theodore Williams,30, may be connected to the break-in on May 31.

Williams was arrested Monday morning and charged with burglary and grand theft after he reportedly broke into a home in the Sweetwater West community.

He has a lengthy criminal background, including five felony charges, beginning in 2005.

Residents are asking why he was able to post bail within a matter of hours of his arrest. 

Legal analyst Steven Kramer explained. 

"When you do a multicounty check and see all of these arrests or tickets or citations. It can look really bad but the fact is, in our country 'innocent until proven guilty' and if you're not proven guilty on those crimes that doesn't necessarily constitute a criminal record of being convicted of crimes. It doesn't make you a convicted felon just because you're arrested for a felony," Kramer said. 

Here's an example of what he meant.
Williams was charged for burglary and criminal mischief in 2014, but he wasn't found guilty. 
A representative with the Orange-Osceola County State Attorney's Office said the standard bond for William's recent charge is $5,000. 

On Monday, his bail was set at $5,500. Since he wasn't on probation or out on bond on other charges, the law worked in his favor. 

The state attorney's office has the option to file a motion to modify Williams' bond. 

The office wouldn't comment on whether it will take that option, since the case is still an active investigation. 

The Sheriff's Office and Apopka Police Department are working together to solve the case.