ClickO on the Go: Mega media merger; birds caught busting moves


ORLANDO, Fla. – News 6 knows its viewers are busy, but also knows that it's important to stay informed. That's why we've put together a list of things you need to know that you can easily access while you're on the go.

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Here's what you need to know Wednesday, June 13: 

Media merger

A judge has cleared the way for AT&T and Time Warner to join forces. This merge could affect how much you pay for streaming services, cable TV and mobile apps. Get a closer look at the merger's impact. 

Horse help needed  

A flooded farm in Marion County left horses in danger. More than 60 horses could suffer if they're not moved to dry ground soon. Find out how you can help the animals get new homes.   

Play with Shaquem ... literally

The one-handed football star and former UCF Knight, Shaquem Griffin, makes his debut in the latest "Madden" video game. In the trailer for "Madden NFL 19," Shaquem forces a New England Patriot's player to fumble the ball. Keep making us proud, Shaquem!

Birds busting moves 

Dance like no one is watching... or maybe just dance like a sandhill crane. A video of these birds dancing to Ed Sheeran's "Perfect" went viral. Click to see what millions are talking about.

Wednesday weather 

It's summer in Florida: the weather is hot with some anticipated rain. The highs will gets into the 90s, with a 50 percent chance of rain. Stay updated on your Wednesday weather with News 6 meteorologist Troy Bridges.

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