Motorcycle safety paramount on Central Florida roads

Always look twice before changing lanes

CASSELBERRY, Fla. – Florida isn't called the Sunshine State for no reason, and with that comes not only visitors from around the world but local residents who enjoy the weather as much as they can. 

This increases the amount of recreational-type vehicles on the road. When I say recreational, I'm referring to motorcycles.

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Richard Fish, of Casselberry, reached out and wanted to ride and chat motorcycle awareness here in Central Florida. Fish and his wife traveled the country for work for many years and retired to Casselberry. Fish says he loves Florida and just wants everyone to be safe. 

During our ride along, I addressed how drivers should always make sure their side view mirrors are in proper placement, reduce the noise in their car and always look twice before changing lanes. 

Fish added something that I thought all drivers should add to their memory and that was the term "Sneak a Peak." Fish said this method teaches drivers to look in their mirror, look out their window and then sneak a quick peak over their shoulder to physically check out their blind spots. 

When I asked Richard if there was anything he simply wanted drivers to know he said "Pay attention, we are all out here on the same road together."

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