Family asks Blue Bell to change flavor name from ‘The Great Divide' to ‘Better Together'

Multi-race family felt the name ‘The Great Divide" might be misunderstood


A family ice cream party turned into a discussion about a Blue Bell ice cream flavor name. 

Traci Shmidley and her family sat down to enjoy some ice cream together and her 10-year-old son saw the flavor’s name and had an idea. 

As a multi-race family, the children felt the name “The Great Divide” might be misunderstood as the “division that exists in our world because of skin colors.” 

Her children wrote a letter to Blue Bell Ice Cream, asking them to change the name of the flavor, which has vanilla and chocolate ice cream sharing one container. 

As huge fans of the ice cream, they came up with what they thought was a better name called: Better Together. 

“We think having a big bucket of Better Together chocolate and vanilla on dinner tables across the country will make our families and communities stronger than ever,” the family’s children wrote.

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