Incredible aerial video shows dolphin using clever method to catch fish


ST. PETERSBURG, Fla. – It's no secret that dolphins are clever creatures, but it's not every day that we get to see one of their more crafty feeding techniques caught on camera.

Florida-based outdoor adventure company, See Through Canoe, posted rare aerial footage filmed in the St. Petersburg area that shows a lone dolphin using the mud ring feeding technique to catch unsuspecting mullet.

Video shows the dolphin swim leaving a wake of muddied water in its wake as it swims in a large circle. Once it reaches the starting point, it swims into the middle of the circle where all the mullet have been corralled.

The agile animal then uses its tail fin to flip the fish outside the circle.

The fish, See Through Canoe officials said, are afraid to swim through the mud so they jump over the ring instead. If the dolphin is in a pod, then other dolphins will wait at the ready outside the circle to catch the fish.

The behavior has been documented in the past but See Through Canoe officials said this is likely the first time it's been captured from an aerial perspective.