Report: Activist group cancels ‘die-in' event at Disney World

Protest spurred by Disney donation to 'NRA sellout' Adam Putnam

(Amy Lipman/WPTV via CNN)

ORLANDO, Fla. – An activist group protesting business endorsements and donations of NRA-backed Florida gubernatorial candidate Adam Putnam have a canceled a planned protest on Walt Disney World property, according to reports.

Students who said they’re tired of the Florida Legislature not taking action in the midst of massacres and seemingly routine gun violence launched the student-led group, called National Die-In Day. The group said the movement is working to pass common sense gun control to create a better and safer America.

Last week, the group slammed Disney for donating almost $1 million to Agriculture Commissioner Adam Putnam, who described himself as an “NRA Sellout.”

On June 12, the day of the Pulse shooting 2-year mark, the group tweeted, “Can you guess where we’re going next?” with a picture of what appears to be a D in the style of the Disney logo.

Several groups who are affiliated with Pulse shooting survivors also demanded Disney to stop funding politicians who have A+ ratings from the NRA.

The Orlando Sentinel reports that any planned protest on Disney property has been canceled to avoid traumatizing children.

After a die-in protest at Publix in May, the company said it would end political donations. Publix donated $670,000 to Putnam’s committee Florida Grown since 2015, according to the Sentinel.