News 6 at 6 -- 6/26/18

Latest on I-4 gas leak; activity in tropics

Gas leak on I-4

Traffic was backed up for hours after a gas leak was reported on I-4 Monday. Find out what officials are saying about what may have prompted the problem.

Dedication difficulties

A touching tribute is planned for a fallen sheriff, but his widow says she was never told about. Hear the woman's concerns and find out why she says she won't be able to make it to the special ceremony.

Gator at Publix

A baby alligator was wrangled in the parking lot of a Publix, but did he just want a Pubsub? See the miniature reptile and get the full story.

Missing woman 

A woman has been found after she was missing for days in the woods. Find out how authorities located her and what's happening with her now.

Travel ban 

The Supreme Court ruled Tuesday to uphold President Trump's travel ban from several mostly Muslim countries. See why one judge is calling the outcome a big mistake.

Puerto Rico evacuees

Evacuees in Central Florida who escaped the aftermath of Hurricane Maria in Puerto Rico could be facing homelessness. Hear their concerns and find out what they're asking officials to do for them.

Stray pride?

A shirt meant to show support for pet adoption is sparking controversy in Brevard County. See the shirt that was mistaken for a gay pride shirt by a customer at a restaurant and what the customer did after seeing it.

Prime benefits

Amazon's rollout of discounts for Prime members shopping at Whole Foods stores is almost finished. Find out when the move is expected to be complete and what it means for shoppers.

Kids grabbed

The woman accused of grabbing children at a Central Florida park was scheduled to appear in court Tuesday. Get the full story from terrified parents who said the woman tried to take off with their kids. 

Midair meltdown

An angry passenger caused a flight to be diverted this week. Watch the passenger's meltdown and find out what came after the heated incident.

Tropical update

Activity in the tropics is being monitored as the chance for potential development increases this week, according to the National Hurricane Center. Follow updates on the area's potential development and find out how to prepare for storms this hurricane season.