Victim describes bizarre encounter with woman accused of trying to abduct kids

Family says suspect needs help for drug addiction

VOLUSIA COUNTY, Fla. – A father who fought off a would-be kidnapper at a Volusia County park Monday afternoon said his encounter with the suspect was bizarre.

Aaron Fraizer, 35, described the incident with 34-year-old Sarah Freeman by the showers at Toronita Avenue Park on Monday afternoon.

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"She ran up and hit me in the butt with a stick really hard," Frazier said.

Frazier said Freeman then started to mumble nonsense.

"She said, 'This isn't your dad and we don't know you from here.' Almost turning into like a protective of me taking my own son," he said.

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Once Freeman grabbed his 5-year-old son, Frazier said he moved her out of the way and hurried to his car. Freeman followed right behind them.

"She actually came over to my son's side and just began to pry open the windows and the back window.  She definitely was on something for sure. She was in a false delusion," he said.

Freeman is accused of trying to abduct two children and hitting a pregnant mother who tried protecting her child. 

On Tuesday, Freeman would not stop talking during her first court appearance. She glared at her father and blamed him for the allegations. Her father, Lonnie Freeman, told News 6 he was there to support his daughter.

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"She's very nice and loving and very intelligent. But, with the drugs involved, totally different person," Lonnie Freeman said.

Lonnie Freeman believes his daughter thought the children were hers. He said he has tried getting her help in the past but has been unsuccessful.

"I'm very very disappointed in the system. I wish there was a civil organization across the nation to help people that are incarcerated for such reasons as this," he said.

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