Scarce sight in sky: Here's how to see Saturn

Ringed planet visible for limited time


ORLANDO, Fla. – Take a look up at the sky Wednesday night, and you'll get a rare treat.

The ringed planet Saturn will be visible for a limited time.

"If you have never spotted Saturn's rings, now is your chance," Accuweather astronomy blogger Dave Samuhel said.

According to NASA's jet propulsion laboratory, "Saturn is at opposition on (Wednesday), when it and the sun are at opposite sides of earth".

Saturn will officially reach opposition around 9 a.m., but the best time to see it will be Wednesday night when it pairs up with the moon.

Many will see Saturn with the naked eye, but its rings will also be visible.

"A small telescope is all you need" Samuhel said.

Saturn is not the only planet soon to be seen by earthlings.  

On July 27, the Red Planet, Mars, will have its second closest opposition in nearly 60,000 years.

And you won't be able to miss the moon. June's full moon is called the Strawberry Moon, which is named because it signaled to the Algonquin tribes that it was the time of year to gather ripening strawberries.

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