Grieving mother pleads for return of rubber duck

Mother won toy not long after daughter died


ALTAMONTE SPRINGS, Fla. – A mother is grieving after someone broke into her car and stole a special toy.

Tia Foskett said that, when she left work last week, she found her van window smashed and glass all over the ground in the Oak Grove Shoppes in Altamonte Springs. Her purse had been stolen, along with a memento of her daughter that's irreplaceable.

"It was just that one little thing that helps me get through those really hard days of losing a child. There was a little purple duck, just a little rubber duck the size of your hand and it represented my daughter who passed away," Foskett said.

Foskett said her daughter, Bowen, had been almost 14 months old when she died in her sleep last year, and that doctors couldn't explain why it happened.


She told News 6 that Bowen's nickname was Ducky and that she had won the rubber ducky toy not long after Bowen died. She feels the duck is a sign from her baby girl.

"We called her Ducky because she made duck face all the time. It just represented her. It went everywhere with me for the last six months when I got it," she said.

Foskett now puts a sign on her car before going into work, pleading for the person who stole her purse to just bring it back.

"There was an Apple Watch in there and there were headphones, but I don't care about any of that. I want the little duck back. Everything else is totally replaceable, but the thing that reminds me of my daughter is not," Foskett said.