ClickO on the Go: Teen escapes gator; military vet stops shoplifters


ORLANDO, Fla. – News 6 knows its viewers are busy, but also knows that it's important to stay informed. That's why we've put together a list of things you need to know that you can easily access while you're on the go.

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Here's what you need to know Tuesday, July 3:

Scaly & scary

A 15-year-old Titusville girl scaled a tree to get away from an alligator that was following her near Alexander Springs. The girl's quick thinking saved her from the 11-foot gator, which was later shot by a deputy. Read the full story on the narrow escape here

Shoplifting stopped

A military vet stopped two women accused of shoplifting merchandise from a Victoria's Secret store at Waterford Lakes Town Center on Saturday afternoon. Brent Adams said he was pepper-sprayed and hit by the suspects' vehicle while intervening. Read the full story on the foiled shoplifting attempt here

Had to hurt

A woman in Australia survived the scare of her life when a Tawny shark she was hand-feeding bit her finger. Luckily, the woman only suffered a fractured bone and a torn ligament. Watch the video of the frightening encounter here

This week, coffee is...

Good news for coffee lovers: You might be able to enjoy your morning cup of caffeine guilt-free. Researchers in the U.K. have found that coffee can actually lower your risk for cancer and heart disease. 

Tuesday forecast

Whip out your umbrella -- we're looking at a chance of afternoon storms Tuesday, as well as a high of 93 and low in the mid-70s in Orlando. Check out the full forecast from News 6 meteorologist Troy Bridges here

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