Heroin found next to baby bottle during raid at Central Florida drug houses

Crack, guns seized in Silver Springs


SILVER SPRINGS, Fla. – Heroin just inches away from a baby bottle, crack cocaine, marijuana and thousands of dollars in cash were among the evidence seized during raids at two homes in Silver Springs, according to the Ocala Police Department.

Officials said the Unified Drug Enforcement Strike Team received tips about potential drug activity at two homes and initiated an investigation.

Police said they determined that Terrance Lamar Walker was dealing heroin from a home at 3600 N.E. 59 Avenue and Carlos Juan Torres and Lorna Vay Ankney were selling marijuana from a home at 3680 N.E. 59 Terrace. The homes are less than half a mile from each other.

Search warrants were executed simultaneously at both homes at 6 a.m. Tuesday. 

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Authorities said they seized a Glock 43 9mm semi-auto pistol that had been reported stolen, a Smith & Wesson .38 revolver pistol, 1.5 grams of heroin, 4 grams of crack cocaine, 155.5 grams of marijuana, drug paraphernalia and $2,485 in cash.

Children lived at both homes where the warrants were executed, according to the report. In one photo provided by police, heroin and an electronic scale could be seen inches away from a baby bottle that appeared to be filled with formula.

Walker, Torres and Lorna Vay Ankney were arrested on several drug charges. A juvenile and Troy Lee Ankney were also arrested on marijuana possession charges.

UDEST Operation 7-3-18

The Unified Drug Enforcement Strike Team (UDEST) received information pertaining to drug activity occurring at two homes in Silver Springs, FL. In response, UDEST initiated a criminal investigation into the allegations and determined that Terrance Lamar Walker was dealing heroin from his residence located at 3600 NE 59 Avenue. Agents also determined that Carlos Juan Torres Torres and Lorna Vay Ankney were dealing marijuana from their residence located at 3680 NE 59 Terrace. Search warrants were simultaneously executed at 6:00 a.m. on July 3, 2018, with the assistance of the Marion County Sheriff’s Office and Ocala Police Department SWAT Teams. UDEST Agents seized the following: - One Glock 43 9mm semi-auto pistol (reported stolen) - One Smith & Wesson .38 revolver pistol - Ammunition - 1.5 grams of heroin - 4 grams of crack cocaine - 155.5 grams of marijuana - Drug Paraphernalia - $2,485 in U.S. Currency The following arrests were made: Terrance Lamar Walker, DOB: 12/07/1984 Charges: Sale of Heroin (4 Counts), Possession of Heroin (5 Counts), Possession of Crack Cocaine, Possession of Firearm by a Convicted Felon, Possession of Drug Paraphernalia Juvenile, DOB: 5/24/2001 Charges: Possession of Marijuana Less than 20 Grams and Drug Paraphernalia Carlos Juan Torres, DOB: 1/04/1994 Charges: Sale of Marijuana (6 Counts), Possession of Marijuana with Intent to Distribute (1 Count), Possession of Marijuana (6 Counts), Possession of Drug Paraphernalia (7 Counts) Lorna Vay Ankney, DOB 11/16/1996 Charges: Principal to Sale of Marijuana (2 Counts), Unlawful Use of Two-Way Communication Device (2 Counts) Troy Lee Ankney, DOB: 8/13/1963 Charges: Possession of Marijuana Less than 20 Grams (1 Count) This operation is part of an on-going commitment to identify, arrest and/or dismantle every drug dealer and criminal drug trafficking organization within the Ocala/Marion County community. UDEST was recently named Statewide Unit of the Year for their 2017 results. Thus far, from January through May 2018, UDEST has been responsible for: - Identifying, disrupting, and/or dismantling 8 drug trafficking organizations - Dismantling 9 clandestine laboratories (which includes the dangerous work associated with site cleanup) - Conducting 253 criminal drug and vice investigations - Executing 48 search warrants - 201 arrests (resulting in 359 felony and 96 misdemeanor charges) In 2018 UDEST has seized: 31 weapons/firearms 1.25 kg of heroin 1.675 kg of powder cocaine 45.2 g of crack cocaine 172 g of MDMA 7.383 kg of "ice" (crystal methamphetamine) 465 g of methamphetamine 79.5 g of fentanyl 58.447 pounds of marijuana 249 marijuana plants 3.378 kg of THC concentrate/products 885 illegally diverted prescription pills

Posted by Ocala Police Department on Tuesday, July 3, 2018

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