Red Hot and Boom draws 200,000 people in Altamonte Springs

Police: 'Our goal is to protect' attendees

ALTAMONTE SPRINGS, Fla. – The rain stayed away from Altamonte Springs’ big Independence Day Red Hot Boom celebration at Cranes Roost Park.

“Last year was our first year, and we fell in love ever since,” said Melissa Pugh.

"I just love the camaraderie of everyone getting together -- that's what I really like," another crowdgoer said. 

Organizers said Red Hot and Boom this year has brought out 200,000 people, huge crowds Altamonte Springs police said they've got under control, working with other local agencies to keep everything running smoothly. 

“They see the uniform presenter — we're kind of maneuvering our way through these crowds, just making sure people know that we're here and that our goal is to protect them," said Evelyn Estevez with the Altamonte Springs Police Department. 

The law enforcement presence appears to be making some people attending the event feel safer.

“When we walked in, they had a security checkpoint where they checked our bags, so that made us feel safe as well," crowdgoer Kathleen Glynn said.