SunPass customers say they still aren't seeing toll charges

Problems with app, website still being reported

ORLANDO, Fla. – Drivers on the state’s toll roads are still wondering when they will start seeing SunPass charges deducted from their accounts.

On Tuesday, the Florida Department of Transportation announced it had begun posting toll transactions, saying more than 4 million tolls had been posted but customers said they have not yet seen those charges on their bills. 

News 6 has also learned there are still problems with the SunPass system.

On Wednesday, we checked and both the SunPass website and mobile app were down. State Rep. Bob Cortez, who is the vice chair of the House Transportation Committee, confirmed that.

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FDOT has not yet said why the system was down, and how long the disruption lasted.

When News 6 checked the SunPass website and mobile app on Thursday, it was working. But it took almost 30 minutes to get through to a customer service representative on the phone to find out if any more charges would be posted to accounts.

Right now, SunPass is still only showing tolls charged up to June 1.

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News 6 has also discovered that right before the SunPass maintenance upgrade, the state approved more than $2 million to hire more customer service representatives. 

Florida has already paid Conduent,  the vendor on the project, $76,625,015 and instead of penalties, the state contractor keeps getting more money.

According to records with the state's chief financial officer, the state contract with Conduent is more than $343 million -- not the $244 million approved for the original 2015 contract.

We also know there have been more than 30 amendments made to the contract since it was approved.