Video: Road-rage brawl ends with man flying off car hood

Ormond Beach police say BMW driver acted in self defense

ORMOND BEACH, Fla. – Ormond Beach Police are looking for the driver they say was involved in a road-rage brawl caught on cellphone video Sunday afternoon.

Julianna Ingerto recorded what police said was the end of the road rage that happened at the Sunoco gas station on North Yonge Street near U.S. 1 and Granada Boulevard.

"It was really scary. Definitely didn't know it was going to lead up to that," she said. "I was, like, 'Oh, my gosh! This was actually happening."

Officers said the incident was between the driver in a gray BMW and two men outside the car and started near Nova Road and Granada Boulevard before it spilled into the gas station parking lot.

The video, which has been viewed thousands of times on Facebook, shows the two men approaching the BMW, trying to open the driver's door to yank him out, before the driver put his car in reverse, striking one of the men trying to pull him out of the car. That man told police the BMW ran over his foot. The BMW kept driving, launching the second man on the hood of the car onto the ground about 10- feet away, according to the police report.

Watch the video below.

"He drove into a spot," Ingerto said. "He didn't really care who was around him. He backed right up pulled forward and hit him and just pushed him off, brushed him off and then left."

The BMW left the Sunoco parking lot at a high rate of speed, witnesses told police.

When officers arrived they said they were "approached by numerous witnesses who advised that an unknown male in a BMW ran over both (men) while apparently leaving the parking lot."

Police said they believe the men followed the BMW into the gas station. Based on watching the video, police said the men could be at fault.

"The video shows the male in the BMW acting in self defense and also identifies him as the victim in this incident," police wrote in the report.

News 6 spoke with the man who got knocked onto the hood of the BMW. He declined to comment without his attorney but showed his injuries. He said off camera that the BMW cut him off and threw things at his car; he said they both happened to show up at the same gas station where this confrontation happened.

Police are still searching for the driver of the BMW to get his side of the story. Officers said the other two men could face burglary and battery charges for trying to get inside the man's car.

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