Man arrested after claiming sovereign citizenship, police say


(KWTV) -- An Oklahoma City-area driver was arrested after claiming to be a sovereign citizen, or not having to abide by state laws. 

The unusual interaction was caught on the officer's body camera. 

The officer pulled the driver of the Cadillac SUV over for not having an Oklahoma license plate.  Instead, he had a sign up that read, "Church Not For Hire."

Officials said that, when asked, he told the officer his name was church. His name is actually Bryan Jackson, and he told the officer he didn't have a license plate and doesn't have to have a driver's license because he's not conducting commerce, authorities said.

Officials said Jackson refused to tell the officer his birth date or provide proof of insurance, so he was arrested.

Jackson also told the officer he has a meeting with lawmakers to rewrite state laws and plans to run for resident, according to police.