Florida Hospital training potential applicants on job interview process

Boot camp teaches resume tips, interview skills


EATONVILLE, Fla. – Florida Hospital is giving potential entry-level job applicants a leg up by hosting two-day boot camps where resume tips and interview skills are taught.

Currently, the event is specifically tailored for jobs in nutritional services at the hospital's multiple Central Florida locations.

Daniel Martinez is the recruitment and talent manager for that department. He said the idea came to fruition after human resources employees began noticing a trend during the screening process for people applying for these types of jobs because they often were unfamiliar with the hiring process.

"When they come out and interview, a lot of times they don't necessarily interview well or they can't answer questions, but they may have had that experience that we're looking for," Martinez said.

Officials also said the applications often didn't know how to create a resume or how to present themselves during an interview.

"We wanted to really help these people and train them and coach them a little bit more," Martinez said.

The first day of the two-day boot camps held in communities such as Parramore, Bithlo and Eatonville focuses on teaching potential candidates these skills that will help them excel during the hiring process. On the second day, interviews are conducted.

"We go through their resumes, we talk about interview techniques, what could be asked, what may not be asked and how to answer those questions," Martinez said. "Then we actually (conduct) one-on-one with them to go over their experiences to see what they can do better during the interview."

The boot camps have been taking place for about a year and so far, officials said it's been a success with more than 40 people hired.

Louis Morales was hired after attending a boot camp in Bithlo in June. He said he was searching for a job for months.

"I left interviews discouraged. I didn't feel, 'Oh boy, that went well' or 'That didn't go well. Are they going to call me or not?'" Morales said.

Morales said he's grateful for the skills he learned during the boot camp.

"Had I not gone and accepted that invitation to go to that job fair, that boot camp, I would not be sitting here right now," Morales said.

Officials said the program has had so much success that the hospital hopes more departments can hold similar events in the future.

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