New SunRail expansion adds 17 miles of new track, 4 new stops

Track extends from Orange County to Osceola County


OSCEOLA COUNTY, Fla. – For some Kissimmee residents, the SunRail pulling into the new Tupperware Station means more than just another way to get around.

"This means a lot whether you ride SunRail or not," Osceola County Commissioner Viviana Janer said. "It means a lot to the residents of Osceola County and more importantly the residents of Central Florida."

Leaders from across Central Florida celebrated the new four-station expansion Saturday with the official ringing of the bells. Service to the new stations starts on Monday.

The new expansion is 17 miles long and adds four new stops from Sand Lake Road in Orange County to southern parts of Central Florida in Osceola County.


Janer said more SunRail also means more jobs and economic development.

Many of the riders, though, are not focused on what the rail will do for the economy. Josh Devries, an inaugural rider, is excited to relax and enjoy his commute.

"It's going to help me be able to get to meetings in Orlando and save a lot of time in traffic," Devries said.


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