I-4 Ultimate brings permanent change to busy intersection

Changes are now in effect


ALTAMONTE SPRINGS, Fla. – A new traffic pattern will permanently alter a busy intersection in Altamonte Springs.

The change affects the intersection of Wymore Road and Douglas Avenue and State Road 436. Starting Sunday, traffic is no longer be able to cross S.R. 436 between Wymore Road and Douglas Avenue.

Wymore Road and Douglas Avenue will then become right-in, right-out only at S.R. 436.

The changes were delayed for two days because of bad weather late Friday, the Florida Department of Transportation said.

"It’s getting crazy," driver Jimmy Phillips said. "It’s been really inconvenient because a lot of places we were trying to get to, we couldn’t (get) to them."

The redesigned intersection is part of the I-4 Ultimate project. Officials from FDOT said the change is intended to streamline the traffic flow, which will give more capacity for vehicles exiting I-4.

On Sunday, News 6 saw one gas station on S.R. 436 with hardly any customers. 

"Progress is something we all need, but I’m a little confused by it," driver Steve Coker said. "It’s frustrating because I get turned around. I have a timeline and a schedule to keep, so it’s frustrating for me."

Lanes on Westmonte Drive will also be added or widened to accommodate the additional volume of vehicles on the roadway. Drivers wishing to cross S.R. 436 from Wymore Road or Douglas Avenue will use Westmonte Drive as a "loop" to go around the intersection.

FDOT officials said the redesign also will make the intersection safer for pedestrians. When the interchange is completed, a tunnel will allow pedestrians to cross underneath S.R. 436.

Construction on the roadways began in 2017 in anticipation of motorists using this new traffic movement. Officials said the signals throughout the roadways will be adjusted and timed to accommodate the additional capacity. ​

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