Officers save bobcat tangled in net at Florida park

Rescue applauded on social media


ORMOND BEACH, Fla. – Officers recently rescued a bobcat that was stuck in a net at Ormond Beach Sports Complex. The feline was freed without injury, officials said.

Many on social media applauded the Ormond Beach Police Department for the rescue, thanking the officers for not resorting to killing the big cat. 

"Thanks OBPD! Ever since they cleared the woods out by the airport, bobcat, coyote, deer and rattlesnakes are looking for new homes. See them all the time in the complex," one commenter said.

Another chimed in with a pun.

"You guys are pawsome," a Facebook user wrote.

Last week Ormond Beach Community Service Officers responded to the Hull Road Sports Complex to save a bobcat that was stuck in a net. The feline was freed and released without injury.

Posted by Ormond Beach Police Department on Tuesday, July 31, 2018

The bobcat is one of Florida's native cat species, along with the Florida panther.

These felines are about twice the size of a normal house cat and can range anywhere from 12-28 pounds, according to the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission. Bobcats have a tan coat with dark streaks and a short "bobbed" tail.


Although the bobcat's habitat is generally deep forests, swamps and hammock land, they have adapted well to neighborhoods and, in this case, sports complexes, throughout Florida.

"Unless (the) animal is sick or injured, bobcats are generally elusive and not aggressive towards people," FWC officials said.

To prevent problems with bobcats, the FWC advises you to secure possible food sources including garbage and pet food and to not have wildlife feeding stations, as they can attract the cat's prey to your property.

The FWC also says to "haze" any bobcat that is seen in a community by yelling, using airhorns or throwing rocks toward but not at the bobcat as to discourage it from coming back.