Video shows how Lake Mary shooting that killed bystander unfolded

Family says shooter acted out of character


LAKE MARY, Fla. – The family of a man killed during a shootout in Lake Mary breaks their silence and video shows how the deadly shooting went down.

The video shows what happened in the heat of the moment, but Victor Brown's brother has questions about what led up to the shootings that left two people dead, including Victor.

"My brother was way more than this tragic incident has defined him as," Quentin Brown said. "Vic was not a troublemaker. He was a very respectable young man." 

It was just after 2 a.m. on July 8 at Colonial Town Park shopping center in Lake Mary.  

Detectives say an argument between Victor Brown and another man turned into a shootout, but they still don't know why.

"They don't know what started the altercation," Quentin Brown said.  "They don’t have the initial incident which lead to this tragic moment."

Surveillance video from a nearby restaurant shows a group of people in the middle of the parking lot.  
Victor can be seen in the passenger side of his car. Detectives say he was getting his gun and then approaches another man in the parking lot. 

They briefly tussle and that's when detectives say Victor fired a shot. The other man then ducks.  
In an instant, 26-year-Jorge Rosado then shoots Victor, according to detectives.  

"There's really no words that can explain it. Just like it's total shock, it's devastation," Quentin said.  He said he could not bring himself to watch the video.

When Victor shoots, the bullet traveled several hundred feet and hit an innocent bystander, 28-year-old Daniel Strada, according to detectives.

"I would like to say we're deeply sorry to the other family, no words can help them cope with what they're going through," Quentin said.

When Victor was shot, the man he was arguing with doesn't appear to notice he is shot and appears to continue to punch him. 

Victor's family wants to know what lead up to Victor opening fire, before what's caught on camera.

"We feel like Vic was definitely defending himself, he obviously felt threatened enough to the point that he needed a firearm," Quentin said.

The Seminole County Sheriff's Office did not arrest Rosado, saying he shot in self-defense, because Victor fired first.  

However, when the video begins, Victor is already at his car. Quentin says something made him go there.

"Pulling a gun would absolutely not be his first reaction, no, no never," he said. “Because Vic has a lot to live for. So much to live for."

Including his two sons who are 5 and 15 years old. To many people, Victor Brown was a hometown hero.

He was 6 feet, 9 inches tall, from Eatonville and excelled at basketball at an early age, first at Lockhart Middle School, then at Edgewater High School, and went on to play for the University of New Orleans, according to Quentin.

"Vic led a wonderful life. He had a wonderful life and we've got so much to celebrate that he left behind and that's what we're going to go with," Quentin said.

The Sheriff's Office says Rosado actually tried to give Victor CPR after he shot him.

News 6 went to Rosado's house and tried to call him to get his side of the story, but couldn't reach him.

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