Angel in clouds? You decide

Unusual cloud formation seen in Texas

(Credit: Danny Ferraro, Montgomery, Texas)
(Credit: Danny Ferraro, Montgomery, Texas)

MONTGOMERY, Texas – When you look at the picture of this cloud, what do you see?

Danny Ferraro, of Montgomery, Texas, posted this photo to his Facebook page, saying he saw a Texas angel in the clouds. 

Ferraro was driving along a highway in Texas and was able to capture this inspirational photo. 

The combination of clouds and sun make for a beautiful photograph, whether you see an angel or not. 

One viewer commented on the post, saying, "This is right in front of where the motorcyclist was killed over the weekend. And where Trenton was killed on his motorcycle few years ago. Wow. Gives me goose bumps."

TEXAS ANGEL This was the sunset as we were driving down Hwy 105. How awesome is that!

Posted by Danny Ferraro on Monday, July 30, 2018

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