Viral video: You'll never guess where this guy found his dad during hide and seek

Dad nails ultimate hiding spot in backyard pool


MAPLE VALLEY, WASH. – A Washington dad pulled the ultimate "hide and seek" prank on his family last week when he left a note directing his son to look for him around the house.

Video taken by Aaron, the man's son, shows the note on a piece of paper that read, "I'm such a good hider."

In the video, Aaron can be seen going outside his Maple Valley home during his quest to find his dad before he stumbles upon the ultimate hiding spot.

It was then that the boy found his dad hiding underneath the water in the family's backyard pool, equipped with a tube sticking out so he could breathe.

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The boy wasn't surprised at all, though. In fact, he pretty much expected something like that from his prankster of a dad.

"My dad does stuff like this all the time. Even my mom has a few more pictures of my dad hiding in random places," Aaron told Reuters in a message on social media.

The video is making its rounds and getting laughs out of many viewers as it continues to circulate.

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