Complaints against Orlando-area wedding photographer continue to add up

Photographer, employee blame each other for not delivering footage to brides

ORLANDO, Fla. – Complaints against an Orlando-area wedding photographer and videographer continue to add up after more than a dozen couples accused him of not delivering their wedding photos and videos.

Brides who hired Jason Densberger for their big day say he went silent after they paid him. 

Alexandra Knights is one of them. 

She has been receiving her photos from Densberger's former employee, Laura Muniz. 

On Friday, she was given an album with some of the photos she had been missing since her wedding in May. 

"This is something that I can have forever, and that's like one of the ways I can remember my wedding and show like all the emotions I had on that day and relive it," Knights said. 

Knights, like other brides, says she paid Densberger thousands of dollars to capture her big day, but says he hasn't delivered.

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Muniz has been working to get the footage back to the brides. 

"There's two weddings that are still missing. We started with 28. It's good, but it's not enough," Muniz said. 

Densberger said Muniz is lying, and he claims she stole his footage. He said that's why he was unable to return the footage to the brides who hired him. 

Densberger told News 6 via email that the whole truth is not being told, but he wouldn't elaborate. 

He said he may be willing to talk after he takes legal action. 

In the meantime, Knights said she's not giving up. 

"I am speaking up for everyone else that's gone through this. I am the voice for everyone, because it's not just me," Knights said. "I don't mind putting myself out there as long as I can help people and, like you said, get results."

Another client, Caitlin Golden, filed a police report with the South Daytona Beach Police Department. The Florida Department of Law Enforcement said it is aware of the complaints, but because the situation does not seem criminal, they will not open an investigation.