Female Ocala police officer files lawsuit against department, city

Lawsuit also filed against Ocala Police Chief Kenneth "Greg" Graham


OCALA, Fla. – An Ocala police officer has filed a federal lawsuit against the Ocala Police Department, the city of Ocala and Police Chief Kenneth "Greg" Graham, accusing them of sexual harassment and discrimination.

According to the lawsuit, the officer claims Graham made "sexually charged  comments regarding her appearance, her sexuality, and the romantic partners (she) has dated and/or brought to official functions."

She cited a 2016 Ocala police awards ceremony, which the officer said she brought her girlfriend to.

She said Graham made "sexually charged comments regarding the physical appearance of (her) date, including noting the view of (her) date 'from behind,' and implying that he, Graham, would be interested in trading sexual partners with" her.

The lawsuit lists several other examples of what she calls inappropriate activity that happened over the course of several months.

Graham was temporarily removed from his position as police chief in September 2016 when two other officers made similar complaints, and the mayor hired an outside law firm to investigate. 

The officer who filed the lawsuit on Wednesday claims that when Graham returned in January 2017, her status as a deputy was removed.

She is seeking compensatory damages.

In a statement to News 6, city of Ocala spokeswoman Katie Young Hunnicutt said, "This city was made aware of the complaint this afternoon. We will fully cooperate with the judicial process, as it develops. At this time, we have no other information to share."

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