News 6 at 6 -- 8/10/18

Last-minute back-to-school tips; potential system eyed in

Still need some tips on the best way to send the kids back to school? We've got everything you need to know to make it happen. Also, don't forget to check the weather to plan their last weekend of summer break.

Check out those stories and the rest of your Friday news and weather below.

Back to school

Students from three Orlando-area counties returned to school Friday and others are expected to begin their school year Monday. See everything you need to know to send them back to school the right way.

Teen pushed from bridge

A teenage girl was pushed from a towering bridge and the terrifying fall was caught on camera. Watch the intense video and get an update on her condition after the fall left her injured.

Accused library voyeur

A Florida man -- named Duffus -- is accused of filming a 10-year-old boy while he was using a bathroom at a local library, police say. Find out where authorities say the crime took place and what charges he's now facing.

Officer's son escorted

Grab your tissues because this video is gonna bring a tear or two. Orlando police officers escorted the son of an officer who was injured in a hostage situation earlier this year to his first day of school. Watch the tear-jerking video and get an update on the officer's condition.

Amazon now hiring

Looking for a new job? Amazon may be able to help with that. The company has a new fulfillment center opening in Orlando and it's starting to hire for as many as 1,500 positions. Learn more about the opportunity and how you can apply.

Space-filled weekend

Here's a reminder to set your alarms this weekend. Between ULA's overnight launch of NASA's Parker Solar Probe spacecraft and the Perseid meteor shower, there will be plenty of time to get outdoors to see something amazing. Find out when you should keep an eye open and where you should be watching.

Meet the astronauts

After cheering each other on as their names were called in Houston last week as the first NASA astronauts to launch from the U.S. in eight years on an American-built spacecraft, News 6 had the privilege to meet all nine of NASA's commercial crew astronauts. Now, it's your turn to meet them.

Need some plans?

If you haven't already made your weekend plans -- or your current ones stink -- don't worry. It's not too late to check out our list of what's happening in the Orlando area this weekend and make some fun ones. Then check your weekend forecast to make sure you're in the clear.

Tracking the tropics

After a quiet few weeks, forecasters are now eyeing a potential system in the tropics. Find out where it's located and what they expect to come of it.

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