2 men sought in robbery of 95-year-old woman

Cameras showed thieves robbed the woman at her house

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LAKE CITY, Fla. – Seminole County investigators say they are searching for two men who robbed a 95-year-old woman in her house by distracting her.

Surveillance cameras captured the entire incident.

In videos obtained by News 6, Ruth Peck answers a knock at her door by a man who identifies himself as a worker for the water company.

Once inside, he's seen unlocking another door, through which another man dressed in a Dallas Cowboys hat walks in and starts roaming her home.

He is seen in the video hiding behind corners and staying out of Peck's view.

"This is pretty serious. It’s very scary is what it is," said Nancy Emestica, Peck's granddaughter, who discovered what happened by looking at the camera images on her iPad from 50 miles away.

In one video clip, Peck is seen counting cash out of her wallet with both men watching her in the doorway.
When she's distracted away, the man in the Cowboys cap moves in, takes the cash and looks for more.

Seminole County investigators say thieves attempted a similar crime last month at a home four minutes up the road from Peck's home.

They said they're looking into whether the two cases are connected.

Emestica said she hopes someone knows who these two men are and that they're both arrested.

"To have this taken from you, really just shook her to the core," she said.

If you recognize these men, call Seminole County Sheriff's Office at 407-665-1481 or Crimeline at 800-423-8477 (TIPS).

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