Orlando girl has the best reaction for first bus ride of the school year

Family captures Jordan Frasure's excitement on video

ORANGE COUNTY, Fla. – Not all students look forward to the first day of school, but one teen has been waiting all summer for the school bus to pick her up.

Jordan Frasure, 16, has been waiting for the school bus for months. Her family captured her pure joy and excitement on video when the bus rolled up on the first day of school to take her to Timber Creek High School. 

"She's just always happy and excited about the bus. It's the best part, her favorite thing," Savannah Frasure, Jordan's sister, said.

Jordan is a special needs student with cerebral palsy. Her sister said Jordan has been asking when she can get back on the bus all summer long.

"Every morning, she comes to my room, 'School, school, bus!' and I'm like, 'Not yet. You gotta wait, it's still summer,'" Savannah Frasure said. "She's just ready for school."

The long wait finally came to an end Monday morning, when Jordan was greeted by her bus driver and monitor. 

Jordan could barely contain her excitement. She danced in the wheelchair as she was lifted into the bus. 

"She just goes insane. Like, I'm pretty sure our neighbors wake up every morning because they hear her laughing and giggling," Savannah Frasure said.

Her mother posted the video on Facebook, and it was shared by the school district. It has been viewed more than 9,000 times.

Members of Jordan's family said she is happy to see she is bringing so much joy to so many people. 

"To us it's normal, but to other people, they're just amazed because people aren't usually that happy about something so simple, and she is. She just loves it," Savannah Frasure said.