Teen lights car on fire, asks retired officer for a ride from crime scene

Christian Sepulveda faces charges

WINTER PARK, Fla. – A 19-year-old is in jail Friday after Winter Park police said he lit a car on fire.

Christian Sepulveda faces two counts of arson and several burglary charges.

The Winter Park Police Department said Sepulveda was arrested Thursday morning near Berwick Drive.

Keith Naylor has lived on Berwick Drive for more than 30 years. At about 6:30 a.m. Thursday, a neighbor knocked on his door to tell the family that their car was on fire.

"The whole top of the car looks like a flame," Naylor said. "It was crazy. I can't believe that it doesn't show it on the outside."

Naylor said his neighbor across the street saw Sepulveda standing near the car when the fire started.

Moments later, Naylor said Sepulveda started walking down the street, asking another neighbor for a ride, unaware the neighbor was a retired officer.

"It was like he wasn't trying to get away," Naylor said. "He was just like walking and talking to people."

Winter Park police also said Sepulveda broke into at least two other cars during the same time frame.

Another victim, just a couple blocks away, told News 6 that her Honda sedan was broken into and had a burn mark on the outside of the vehicle. According to the arrest report, investigators are charging Sepulveda with arson in that case.

"It's crazy," Naylor said. "It's hard to believe somebody would do something like that. I mean, I could see if we were an aggressive family that did something to somebody (then) maybe, but we don't even know this guy."

Naylor said that when Sepulveda was arrested, officers didn't find any items taken from the family's vehicle.

Sepulveda is being held at the Orange County Jail without the option to post bond. He is scheduled to go before a judge Saturday morning.

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