Do some jobs not require drivers to wear seat belts?

Drivers in some professions do not have to wear seat belts while on the job

ORLANDO, Fla. – If you haven’t figured it out by now, I’m a huge advocate of not only safe driving but always wearing your seat belt. It scared me to answer this question from one of our viewers. 

Jess, from Orange County, asked “Are there jobs that are exempt from wearing a seat belt?”

I’ll start by saying, unfortunately, yes there are jobs that are exempt from wearing a seat belt only when they are doing their job.

Construction workers that are operating vehicles within an active construction zone do not have to wear their seat belt while in the performance of their duties. This also includes the United States Postal Service and overnight paper delivery routes. The law indicates that these drivers are not required to wear their seat belt while performing their job duties. This is only in play while on their routes.

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If they are driving to and from different locations or not actively delivering their packages or in the construction zone, then the seat belt must be worn. 

Of course, if you left it up to me, there would be no exception -- ever. 

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