News 6 Now -- 8/20/18

Have you seen the hashtag #JoelGottaGo on social media and wondered what it meant? Get the latest on that controversial story and the rest of your Monday news and weather below.

Tax collector's comment

Critics have called on Seminole County Tax Collector Joel Greenberg to step down after he posted a question to Facebook asking what value Muslims have contributed to society. See the comment causing the controversy and how he's defending it.

Burned body near Disney

Authorities are continuing to investigate after a body was found in a burning vehicle near a Disney miniature golf course this weekend. Get an update on this developing story and see what questions we're asking detectives.

Early voting numbers

Voter turnout for the Florida primary election is looking good -- so far. Election officials say more than 1 million of the 13 million registered voters have cast ballots in the primary election. Get a closer look at the numbers and see how many voters are voting by mail versus at polling places.

Worst Florida waters

Many don't realize exactly how widespread the problems with blue-green algae and red tide are. More than 100 miles of beaches are experiencing fish kills and putrid smells from red tide toxins, while dozens of freshwater bodies in South Florida are slick with slime from blue-green algae. See the maps that show where the problems are the worst.

Local school threat

If you noticed more security at your Timber Creek High student's school, it's because of a written threat found on social media, according to deputies. Hear the call to parents notifying them of the threat and what measures were put in place at the school.

91-year-old graduate

We always want to end on a good note, right? This heartwarming story of 91-year-old World War II veteran should do it. See how, after seven decades, he finally earned his high school diploma.

Stormy start to week

After rain soaked parts of the Orlando area over the weekend, the chance for storms is carrying into the workweek. Get the full forecast and find out when rain chances are expected to decrease.