Dead dogs found dumped along Marion County road

Animal Services investigating

MARION COUNTY, Fla. – Two dead dogs were found left alongside a rural Marion County road this week and Animal Services is investigating.

Corinne Heaton has lived in the Hills of Ocala neighborhood for eight years and said she always sees people dump things on the side of the road.

"Mattresses, couches, trash from the house, furniture, fence, whatever they can find. This entire neighborhood is riddled with it," Heaton said. 

But Heaton said she never expected to find two dead dogs dumped along her street. She said her friend alerted to her about the animals.

Heaton said she drives along the street everyday while taking her daughter to school. She thinks someone dumped the animals sometime Tuesday evening or Wednesday morning. 

"I was disgusted. It broke my heart," she said.

The dogs were still there Thursday afternoon. Vultures could be seen flying high above the animals.

Heaton posted pictures of the dogs on Facebook. She hoped someone would recognize them, but she said they don't belong to anyone in her neighborhood. 

She also reported the dogs to Marion County Animal Services. A county spokesperson told News 6 animal services would come out to see if they could find the dogs' owners and determine what happened.

It's unclear how the dogs died. Heaton said no matter what happened, this is not how you treat animals. 

"They're just evil. That's just cruel. To hurt an animal, a helpless animal, and then dump them like trash is awful," she said. 
A spokesperson with the Marion County Sheriff's Office said they offered to help animal services with this case, but they are not investigating at this time.

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