News 6 at 6 -- 8/23/2018

Football players not in school zone; TSA says 'Stop bringing guns'

The Winter Park High School Wildcats' football stadium at Ward Park on Aug. 23, 2018. (Photo: Nadeen Yanes/WKMG)
The Winter Park High School Wildcats' football stadium at Ward Park on Aug. 23, 2018. (Photo: Nadeen Yanes/WKMG)

Football players at a local high school are in hot water over where they live. Find out how officials say the students enrolled anyway and see how many guns were found on flight-bound travelers this morning.

Ineligible football players

Officials from the Florida High School Athletic Association have revealed that some football players at Winter Park High School used fake documents to enroll at the school. Read about the consequences the students are now facing.

Mosquitoes in Volusia County

A rainy summer has allowed the salt marsh mosquito population to multiply in Volusia County. See how officials say they intend to combat the bugs and how you can prevent the bites.

No backpacks in stadiums

Officials from Seminole County Public Schools said no backpacks will be allowed into stadiums for upcoming football games. Read more about the email that was sent to parents and a different shooting at a Florida high school earlier this month.

TSA says "Stop bringing your guns"

Officials from the Transportation Security Administration released a statement reminding travelers they cannot fly with guns after two were found at the Orlando International Airport this morning. Find out how many guns have been found at OIA this year.

Children's medicine recalled

Pharmaceutical company King Bio has recalled over 30 of its products due to "microbial contamination." See the full list of all recalled medicines and lot numbers.

Employees build lemonade stand

Home Depot employees did more than just give a local boy a discount on his lemonade stand -- they built it. Learn the heartwarming reason why the boy wanted to raise the money in the first place.

Hurricane Lane

Landslides and flooding have already been occurring in the islands of Hawaii as Hurricane Lane's outer bands begin to affect the state. Find out why a hurricane like Lane is so rare and how residents are bracing for the storm.

More rain in Central Florida

More rain is predicted to move through Central Florida all through the weekend. Read about some possible developments in the tropics and just when you'll need an umbrella in the next few days.