Toppled tree in Orlando barely misses father, son

Storms knocked down tree on Emerywood Lane

ORLANDO, Fla. – Strong storms that pushed through the Orlando area Wednesday night toppled a tree that missed a father and son going fishing.

Scott Cipri said the storms had just finished, and he and his young son were about to walk right underneath the tree on Emerywood Lane.

"I heard some popping and all of a sudden the tree started breaking in two," he said. "It fell on the ground."

Cipri said he heard the sounds first, and he was able to take out his cellphone to capture the tree actually falling to the ground.

"I told my son to get back and he got back. He went all the way back to the house, and I just stood there with my phone and started videoing it," he said. "I didn't know when it was going to break, and all of a sudden, it broke."


The tree didn't hit anyone or anything on the ground.

"I wasn't actually surprised," said Valerie Murphy, who lives nearby. "I suspect this was probably a water oak. Water oaks are very prone to falling down. I've lived here for 35 years and trust me, it will do it."

Four truckloads of crews spent the night cleaning up the debris left by the tree in order to allow Emerywood Lane to open back up to residents who couldn't get to their driveways.

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