News 6 Now -- 8/24/18: Fighting Florida's dirty water

News 6 wants to make sure Floridians are educated on the condition of the state's waterways, which is why they've dedicated a full day of coverage and an entire page of ClickOrlando.com to stories that focus heavily on the issues plaguing our waterways. Find everything you need to know below.

Red tide vs. blue-green algae

Both phenomena are simultaneously wreaking havoc on Sunshine State ecosystems, yet there are several key differences when it comes to battling the two. Find out what they are and how they differ from each other.

What are the effects?

Pictures from across the state show that toxic algae is capable of slaughtering Florida's various marine life by the masses. See photos of the devastating effects and see how this red tide compares to others.

Other water issues

In Brevard County, concerns over a cancer cluster remain after toxic chemicals were recently found in groundwater in Satellite Beach and Cocoa Beach. Get the latest on the investigation into the county's water.

How do chemicals get there?

According to the Florida Department of Environmental Protection, many pollutants are deposited into groundwater supplies through stormwater runoff. In an effort to combat hazardous stormwater runoff, the department has put a system in place to try to regulate discharges from three different sources. Learn more about the sources and what's being done to regulate them.

What is the state doing?

Many people have heard of the issues and seen the devastating effects, but may still be wondering what's being done to combat them. See how state officials are working to fight them.

How can I help?

There are many ways you can pitch in when it comes to the fight against the effects of red tide and blue-green algae. Find out where you can get involved by seeing which counties need the most help, exploring volunteer opportunities and contacting your local representatives.

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